iPad 3 case video review by GearDiary

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 A big thanks goes out to Dan Cohen over at GearDiary for setting us up with this great video review. We sent Dan a case for his iPad 3 and were blown away by the video and follow-up article he made for us. 

Check it out:


Here is the article, click the photo below to view:
Gear Diary Review

Bandwidth Blog iPad 2 case review

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 In April (2012) I was put in contact with a wonderful lady by the name of Kelly Levinsohn. Kelly is part of the team over at and was kind enough to let us ship her an iPad 2 case (to South Africa) and do a review on it. 

Check out the article by clicking the photo below:

Bandwidth Blog iPad 2 Review Review

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 A few months back we were put in contact with the great folks over at They were gracious enough to do a review on us and we think it turned out great. The review was for one of our iPad 3 cases for which we chose a copy of Timelines of World History and covered it in our brown leather fabric. Check out the review and come back to see us!

Click the photo to view the article:

iPad Accessories Review


RootzWiki Kindle Fire Case Review

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Rootzwiki is a site with just about everything. They focus on the latest and greatest in android news, but have a massive set of forums and enough content to spend weeks clicking around. We were lucky enough to have them do a standard review and a video review of one of our Kindle Fire cases. 

Here is the video:


....and here is the article. Click the photo below to view:
RootzWiki Article

Vox Magazine Feature

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 The Vox is a cool little publication ran by the Missourian here in Columbia. Thanks too a really cool young journalist named Harriet White, we got a really cool feature in their November publication. 

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Vox Magazine Article


Our first bit of press. The Columbia Tribune

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 The very first publication about ReAuthored came from Bailey Reutzel and the Columbia Tribune. She happened to see our cases at a local shop and contacted us for the interview. Looking back on the photos of how we made them then really makes me appreciate how far we've come. 

Click the photo to view the article: 

Columbia Tribune Article does a follow-up interview

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We did our first interview with over a year ago when we first started working on ReAuthored. Thanks to my dear friend Brian Null, we were fortunate enough to have a follow-up interview done after our first year. is a website dedicated to helping entrepreneurs connect with each other. 

Here is a shot from the interview: Interview

A glimpse of who we are and what brought us here

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This video was created by Anthony Roderman. Anthony is a student at the University of Missouri and is doing an internship with us here at ReAuthored. He is an extremely talented web designer, editor, and marketer and we truly feel lucky to have him working with us. 

Follow him on Twitter @ajroder