iPad Book Cover for iPad 2, 3, and 4

iPad book cover by ReAuthored The ReAuthored iPad Book Cover is the only iPad cover made from a discarded book that uses both the pages, and the cover, to protect your device. It doesn't just feel like a hardcover book, it is a hardcover book. And nothing gets closer to the real thing than the real thing itself. 

Using a conversion process I developed myself, my iPad book covers are precisely designed around the iPad, ensuring their function matches their form. It's a book, it's a book cover, it's an iPad stand, it's a safe carrying case, it's environmentally friendly, it's child friendly, and each one is handcrafted in Columbia, MO. 


Stack of ReAuthored books  for book covers


Each book is hand-selected from thousands of discarded books before being ReAuthored into an iPad book cover. Books are carefully chosen to ensure each one is lightweight, durable, unique, well-bound, and super cool. Every detail is considered when converting a book to an iPad book cover and I feel confident it shows through in the finished product. Never has recycling been so fun! 





All ReAuthored iPad book covers come with the following standard features... 

ReAuthored iPad book cover - elastic strap


Black or white interior corner straps in the top left and bottom right corners hold your device in place, thus allowing you to safely surf the web in bed, on a hammock, or hanging upside down if you want. 

ReAuthored iPad book cover - corner pull tab


A corner pull tab, made from the same fabric and discretely positioned in the top right corner, allows for effortless removal of your device and gives you easy access to the volume button (also located in the top right corner) 

ReAuthored iPad book cover - sleep/wake functionality


sleep/wake magnet, located on the inside of the front cover, "wakes your device up" upon opening the case and "puts your device to sleep" upon closing the case. No more fumbling for the power button! 


ReAuthored iPad book cover - stand mode

1.5" strap adhered to the inside back cover easily converts your iPad book cover to a stand by attaching to the magnet on the inside front cover. Watching videos and typing on your device has never been so easy! 


ReAuthored iPad book cover - outside elastic strap


A 3/4" black or white exterior closure strap is woven through the back cover of the book and allows convenient and secure closure of your case while on the go 

ReAuthored iPad book cover - library card pocket


library card pocket, attached on the inside back cover, can hold more than just the conversion strap. Store business cards, receipts, reminders and more safely within. 

ReAuthored iPad book cover - perfect for music


The enclosed nature of the iPad book cover both amplifies the sound coming from the speakers and directs it back towards you. No need for specialty notches to hear the sweet sounds of your favorite jams. 



ReAuthored iPad book cover - custom headphone port and charging port notches


I know that each person uses their device differently and I try to go above and beyond to accommodate everyone. The most common request I get is for access to the charging port and/or the headphone jack. As a result, I are now giving customers the option to choose whether they'd like access to both ports, neither port, or just one of them. Indicate your preference when placing your order and your case will be altered and shipped accordingly! Each port is an additional $5 and will be invoiced via PayPal after you have completed your order.

Note: You do not need a paypal account for this option...all invoices can be paid via credit card as well.