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ReAuthored owner - Maha

Hi there! My name is Maha and I am the owner of ReAuthored. I also make each and every case, picture frame, and book plate with my own 2 hands (and a few critical pieces of machinery). I started ReAuthored in April of 2011 with someone who was very dear to me. After a year and a half of working together, a new opportunity came along for that person. At that time, we decided that I would take ReAuthored on as my own while he explored his new adventure. When we ultimately decided to go our separate ways in April of 2013, I became the sole owner of ReAuthored and moved it to my personal residence...where I now work, live, and play :) 
I was born and raised in Joplin, MO and moved to Columbia, MO in 2002 to attend the University of Missouri-Columbia (aka Mizzou). I always thought I'd leave after college but, upon graduating, I realized I loved this little town and decided to stay. I got my degree in Biology but I went on to do a variety of things...none of which were in the field of Biology. I waited tables at a French brasserie and managed an incredible little scents store in downtown Columbia for a bit (www.MakesScentsOnline.com). After that, I moved on to a local mortgage company that specializes in VA mortgages. The scents store was awesome, but the pay was not. The mortgage industry was less awesome, but the pay was moreso. And a year after my son, Emmett, was born, I realized that I wanted both...a job I loved AND an income that could support my family. This was when I decided to leave my job and start ReAuthored. Doing so changed my life in ways I could have never imagined. 
Being both a mother and a business owner motivates me every single day to work as hard as I can. It also pushes me to be a better person and to focus on the things that are important to me...local, handmade, and organic. In my spare time, I love to read and cook and watch documentaries. Education is something that is at the top of my list when it comes to priorities. I adore each and every moment I get with my sweet little Emmett and I love to see him embrace a love for education and books as well. I am part of a CSA through Happy Hollow Farm, which allows us to eat delicious and local organic food on a daily basis. This is, perhaps, the greatest luxury that I have ever afforded myself. Whenever I can, I shop local and/or handmade and I really focus on voting with my dollars. I strive to support companies that enforce my ideals, not just companies that offer the cheapest products. I do not think it's hard to be nice to your customers or to stand behind your product or to apologize when things don't go the way they should have. These are things that I not only expect from the companies that I support, but that I expect from myself as well. They are things that I hope you will expect from me, too. 
Right now, I have one part-time employee, Anthony Roderman, and he's pretty awesome. He does the videos, he takes pictures, he lists cases, and he will even do any random old job I may need done at the moment (i.e. Hey Anthony, can you please cut me 300 rectangles of fabric that are exactly this size in these different colors?). I hope he continues to bear with me and grow with the company while he completes his last year at Mizzou. I also hope to be able to offer others the opportunity to come work at ReAuthored in the future...I feel confident that, when the chance presents itself, I will be ready to grow ReAuthored into the type of company I would want to work for...a company that respects not only their customers, but also their employees. In my world, respect isn't measured by dollars and cents; it is a lifestyle that is reflected in how we treat ourselves and the people around us. And please don't get me wrong, the dollars and cents are nice too; however, the money should be a reflection of the work that you do for a company and not a replacement for treating employees like real people. 
Thank you so much for the opportunity to make your case or your picture frame or your book plate or your day. Or...thank you for the opportunity to fill in a few minutes of your day as you read about me and my company! I wish I could express the appreciation that I feel for each and every one of my customers and supporters...past, present, and future. Without you, I couldn't do what I do and for that I will be forever thankful. 
Although I would love to take all of the credit for what ReAuthored has become, I just could not have done it without the following people... 
JC Holmes (former spouse and former business partner)
Jim Gann & Paul Bates (Missouri Innovation Center
Kim Carr (professional website photos
Anthony Roderman (part-time employee...check out his website here!) 
Mike, Wayne, and Chris (machinists) 
Wayne S.V. (glue specialist extraordinaire) 
Tony C. (graphic designer) 
Jocelyn Diehl (long-time friend and supporter) 
Ashley Adams (long-time friend and supporter) 
Reem and Rana Abu-Libdeh (sisters, friends, and supporters) 
Zane Corn (graphic designer, friend, & website advice-giver)
Our Customers (thank you, thank you!)
Etsy (make sure to check out our shop here
Shopify (they made the website platform you are on right this very minute) 
And so many more!!