iPad 2 Case

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iPad 2 Case by ReAuthored

Choose a book and make it your own

Introducing the all-new ReAuthored iPad 2 case! The ONLY case crafted from a real discarded hardback book. A ReAuthored iPad 2 case doesn't try to look like a book, it IS a book!

This is no ordinary book though, these books were specially selected from among thousands of other books for their perfect size, high quality, and great look. A case isn't a case unless it functions like one as well, which is why each ReAuthored iPad 2 case is crafted around the device to ensure a perfect fit and easy use of your device.   

Every case is handmade in our little Missouri shop using only the highest quality materials and methods available. We stand behind the products we make because we believe in creating only the highest quality products and providing the best possible service to go along with them. 

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The Book

ipad2 case

The Binding

ipad 2 hard case

The Interior

  • Handcrafted around the device to ensure the fit is perfect every time
  • Cleverly placed Sleep/Wake magnets mean you never have to remove your case to turn it on, s
  • Created using your choice of our 6 poly-suede fabric options (choose above)
  • 1/4" elastic corner straps ensure your iPad 2 stays securely in place whether you are working at the office or reading upside down in bed
  • Custom pull-tabs are molded into the upper right corner to allow for easy removal and/or access to the power/volume buttons

  • Want Dock or Headphone Access? No problem, each port access is only $5 each. Just drop us a note at checkout and will will contact you with any questions or comments we have along with an invoice. 

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Customize It

The Fabric
We have scoured the world in search for these 6 color/fabric options for the interior of your case.Each one was hand-selected for it's soft feel, long-lasting durability, and great look. Choose from.... 

ipad 2 cases and coversHelp us Help

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, ReAuthored. 

Did you know that recycling one ton of paper saves enough energy to power the average US home for 6 months? 

Did you know that recycling one ton of paper saves over 7,000 of fresh water? 

We understand that it will take a lot more than recycling a few books to save the world, but we are committed to doing everything we can to make this a better place for us all. The landfills are full enough, so we work every day to make sure we not only keep from adding to them, but that our product actually helps shrink them.

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