Kindle Touch Book Cover

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A Kindle Touch Case Made From A Real Hardback Book

The ReAuthored Amazon Kindle Touch Book Cover is a Kindle case handmade from a real hardback book. Our cases don't just look like books, they are books, and no two cases are the same!

Every case is made from a recycled book that we hand select from thousands of unwanted books. Our cases give books a second chance and help save the environment. We make all of our cases by hand in the USA and take the time to ensure your case is lightweight, durable, unique, and cool enough to put our name on.

An uncovered Original iPad Cover

An Uncovered Kindle Touch Cover

An uncovered Kindle Keyboard Cover

The interior of a Kindle Touch Cover with Dark Brown Floral Fabric

An uncovered Kindle Keyboard Cover

Our 6 Fabric Options


 The Perfect Book

  1. Choose your favorite book category from the dropdown above
  2. Give us any additional ideas you have in the notes as checkout
  3. After you complete your purchase we will contact you within 5 business days with your first 3-5 book options 
  4. Choose from one of the options or send us back to the drawing board

Customize Your Case

We offer five unique fabric options for the interior of your case. Each one was hand-selected for it's soft feel, long-lasting durability, and great look. 

Case Compatibility

The ReAuthored Kindle Keyboard Book Cover is compatible with the Amazon Kindle Touch. Our case fits both the Wifi and the Wifi + 3G variants.

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